Рефераты на тему «Иностранный язык»

В бесплатном банке собраны сочинения и рефераты на иностранных языках – английском, немецком, французском. Темы работ самые разные – от биографии Коперника до описаний беспроводных систем доступа в Интернет. Готовые работы помогут в выполнении домашнего задания по иностранным языкам в университете.

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Wright, Frank Lloyd
Ways of exploring the world
Visiting Theatres
Verteidigung des Beklagten
TV in my life
The US Educational System
The United States of America
The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
The United Kingdom of Great Britain
The uniqueness of the British
The Role of Smallpox Vaccination in Mortality Decline in the Great Britain through Eradicating the Disease
The Renaissance
The National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan
THE Growing Influence of English Mass Culture
The Golden Fish
The faculty of mathematics of Irkutsk State University
The Cinema World
The Book I've Just Read
Talking about Estonia
Susie’s Problem Page
Students Should Be Given More Choice As To What They Study
Staatsorgane des Bundes
Sports in Great Britain, the USA and Russia
Sports and healthy lifestyle
Science in the 20th century
School years
School in Great Britain
Russia's achievements
Russian literature
Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland
Proclus Diadochus
Problems of the youth
Problems of city and country life
Problems At School
Pierre-Simon Laplace
Pierre de Fermat
Period of lithuanian and polish rule (1360-1599)
Outstanding personalities
Nicolaus Copernicus
New Zealand
Net Culture
My Recent Trip
My Favorite Book
Music in our life
Museums and picture galleries
Meanness Laws' Effect on Jerome's Characters
Leonhard Euler
Leipzig als eine Messestadt
Legal and linguistic aspects of translating english legal terminology
Joseph-Louis Lagrange
John Grisham's book ”The Firm”
Johannes Kepler
Irkutsk State University
Introducing Yourself
International organizations and international co-operation
Human rights
Holidays, Travel and Tourism
High education in Great Britain
Gesetzgebung in der Bundesrepublik
Francis Bacon
Europe in the Middle Ages
Euclid of Alexandria
ETS450WLL Wireless Access System
Ernst Thalmann
Environmental protection
“Egon und das achte Weltwunder” nach Joachim Wohlgemuth
Earth and Moon
Discovery of the New World
Die Verhandlungen im Bundestagsplenum
Die Sehenswurdigkeiten Leipzigs
Die Organisation des Bundestages
Die mundliche Verhandlung. Die Einigung der Parteien
Die Bundesregierung. Der Bundeskanzler
“Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt” nach Dieter Noll
David Hilbert
Choosing the future profession
Charles Augustin de Coulomb
Carl Louis Ferdinand von Lindemann
Capitals of USA
Business Trips
Business Ethics
Blaise Pascal
Aus Lenins Leben
Aufbau der Gerichtsbarkeit
Archimedes of Syracuse
Aral Sea—What Was and What Is
American Federalism in 1990s.
Advertising in our Life
Advantages and disadvantages of television
A Modern Invention I Can’t Live Without
A country across the channel
A bridge to understanding
Раздел с бесплатными рефератами на иностранных языках будет полезен всем студентам, изучающим английский, немецкий, французский и другие языки. Подборка тем вдохновит на написание собственной работы.